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hey guys!!! :wave:

I think it's about time to have a contest dont you think?

but the problem is... we have no points to spare as prizes so if you guys could all give up some points I'm sure it will be well worth it !!! :iconbooyahplz:

if you want you can always give us some ideas on what you want the contest to be about, if so send me a note and some points and we can get started!

send the points and ideas to :iconaltrachibi:, me and once we get enough we can get this party started.

also, the person with the best contest idea will win some points for themselves, winner or not, and if we dont use your idea dont be bummed out there is always next time and I will make sure you are well awarded for your wonderful ideas! :highfive:

I hope we can get this contest up and running and you all continue to post your wonderful work!

see you soon!

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Submitted on
July 1, 2011


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